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The most durable golf glove you can find on the market, thanks to Fit39's high-quality, patented materials from Japan.

*Super fit: Fits any shape of the hand and remains snugly in place, regardless of the position or movement of your hand.

*Powerful grip: Supports the hand firmly in all weather conditions, particularly in the rain when, on contact with moisture, the leather holds onto the club even more tightly, further enhancing the grip.

*Long-lasting: Glove's lifespan more than doubled compared to other brands. Not worn out as easily as your usual gloves even after extended use, thanks to our patented materials made in Japan.

*Washable: Suitable for unlimited machine washing, without shrinking, stiffness and deformation. The SEK-certified coating also makes it anti-bacterial and odour resistant.

Classic Gold/White

  • Unisex fit. To properly measure the circumference of your hand, please refer to our measurement guide which can found in one of the product images.


    Asian cm inches
    SS 15-17 6~6¾
    S 18-20 6¾~7¾
    M 21-23 7¾~9
    L 24-26 9~10¼
    XL 27-29 10¼~11½
    XXL 30-32 11½~12½


    All Fit39 Gloves are machine-washable. Please follow the guideline below:

    - Wash in cold water (15-30°C or 60-85°F).
    - Do not bleach, tumble dry, or iron.
    - Avoid drying in the sun.

  • The Left/Right options indicate on which hand the glove is to be worn.

    If you are a right-handed player, and would like to wear the glove on the left hand, please choose the Left option.

    If you are a left-handed player, and would like to wear the glove on the right hand, please choose the Right option.

    Alternatively, you can choose to purchase the left and right hand gloves to cover both of your hands in case they get different shades from playing golf in the sun for an extended period of time.

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