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Big Wigz is on its way to revolutionizing the game of golf.

The skin personalizes the driver head through a non-permanent self adhesive vinyl with a high resolution graphic or logo. The skin adheres to and completely covers the top surface of the driver, giving the club a new "paint" like finish. Big Wigz was created because we were tired of seeing the same black drivers. On a non permanent basis we can now bring a new sense of personality and creativity to your game. We are at the beginning of our journey, but we have a clear vision of how we will add STYLE-PASSION & CONFIDENCE to every golfer who tees it up.

Quick Facts

  • Now available with Wrap-Cut Application.
  • The New Fine Filament Edge Cutting Tape create a perfectly straight cut for an extremely professional look.
  • Conforms to USGA Rules
  • Adds 2-3 grams of weight (average 460cc driver weighs 200grams)
  • Does not damage the top surface of the club
  • Serves as a layer of protection from "sky marks" and small scratches
  • You will be playing with Style and Personality


Gas Mask

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